Friday, October 30, 2015

Self-Appointed Class Clowns

There was that time that my cousin told us that he was the class clown in one of his high school classes. It's the kind of thing people will say from time to time. "Oh I was the class clown." Or whatever. And really, you believe them because let's face it: you weren't there. You have to take their word for it.

But like I said, there was that time that we didn't take his word for it.

So we were talking about high school pranks and funny things we'd done in classes and JD says, "Yeah, me too. In my Math class last year, me and my friend Gabe were class clowns." Some laughter. Some more discussion. Then JD leaves. Which is when Isaac and I decide to do a little digging.

First we had to find out who was in that class. So we called Gave and got a list. Then we used the school directory and called a dozen or so kids in the class. We went over the basics of the class, reminded them who the teacher was, some of the other students. Then casually asked if they'd like to be involved in a brief survey, leading up to the main question.

In that class, would you consider JD Jones

a) a class clown
b) a class clown wannabe
c) slightly annoying
d) Who is JD Jones?

And that's when we found out that no one actually considered JD a class clown. Not one. To his credit, though, he took it really well when we gave him the results of it all. Really pretty well.

It's just that being a class clown is not something you should really take lightly, you know?

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