Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It's Gum, People

Since I have four small kids, I like to separate things into two categories: Big deals and small deals.

For example:

Dumping an entire 20 pound bag of flour on the floor: Small Deal

Dislocating your arm: Big Deal

Using every blanket in the house to make a fort that you never play in: Small Deal

Two year old locking herself in the car in the garage with three spare keys and cell phone: Big Deal

Dropping a roll of toilet paper in the toilet at least once a week: Small Deal

You get the idea.

I feel like we had an agreement, the kids and I, where I would look the other way when I found another roll of TP clogging the toilet and they promised to stay on the small deal side of the line.

But I tell you.

That line has been crossed.

And it's about gum. Gum is now a BIG deal.

A package of gum does not last in this house longer than 15 seconds. The kids can smell it out, I swear. I have hidden gum in every square foot of this home. Drawers, cupboards, shelves, cubbies, top of the fridge. Nothing is safe. It lasts seconds. SECONDS, PEOPLE!

Gum is no longer a small deal. Gum is a HUGE deal.

Take note.

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