Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mini-Vans, blogs, and spaces after periods

It's not actually cool to blog anymore. Also you should only space one time after a period. Those are two things I've learned recently. Except not the blogging thing. That I've known for awhile. It's okay to blog only if you have like thirteen billion followers. Which I don't. Weird.

But lately I've been thinking about writing and how important it is to me. Then I remembered that I'm not actually cool anyway, so why not blog even if it's not cool. It's like when Christian and I realized we weren't too cool to buy a minivan because we aren't actually cool. So here goes my mini-van. I mean blog.

I am making no goals or promises on how often I'll write. Just that I'll try to. Write. More.

Ladies and gentlemen: A blog about nothing. Round 2.