Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Who has time to blog anymore?

I mean what with facebook, pinterest, instagram, looking for stuff to buy on ksl, eating chocolate covered raisins, sitting on the couch, waiting for the snow to melt, wiping snotty noses, changing way too many diapers, oh yeah and being a perfect wife and mother. I mean between all those things, I'm really swamped. But we're still here making messes, fighting over cars, and cleaning up sweet potato stains on white onesies.

But really we are lucky to be happy and healthy. And every once in awhile, I mean a long while, the stars align and the boys play together and Jane giggles and plays with a toy. And every once in awhile our house stays clean for longer than 10 minutes (only if the kids are asleep) and I actually have dinner made before 7 pm (that one is really rare). And Christian and I stay awake for longer than ten minutes after the kids are in bed.

So I guess we are pretty lucky. Even living in complete chaos.