Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thank you, River Heights City, Thank you.

You know something, River Heights, you're a pretty great city.  And not just because of Apple Days.  For example:

Remember that day when we getting rid of some of our cement curbing?  And by some I mean a ton (literally).  Remember how we were too cheap/lazy to take it the dump and how Christian broke it into chunks and filled our garbage can?  And then remember how it got full and we had to steal borrow our neighbor's and fill that too?  I'm sure you'll remember me saying something like "Are you sure this is legal?" and Christian shrugging his shoulders and tossing another piece in the can.  You remember that, of course.

And then remember how we forgot about it except that our garage became our new black garbage can since ours was full?  Remember how bad it stunk in there and how I was glad I wasn't pregnant?  And then how this morning when we heard the garbage truck, remember how I hid because I didn't want to get in trouble and how the boys ran outside to watch.  And how I let them because I thought their sweet faces might soften you.  I don't think you'll forget the confused look of the garbage man when his industrial sized garbage truck couldn't lift our garbage can.  And then his look when he got all the way out of the truck walked over and opened the garbage lid.  And how I was hiding in the boys' room watching from the window.  And then how I kept wondering why the garbage truck wasn't moving even though the garbage man got back into his truck.

You'll remember how I had to come out holding Jane and said something really brilliant, something like, " I in trouble?"  And how the garbage man gave me a stern look and drove off.  I really appreciate you not arresting me, River Heights City.  And sending that nice employee to my house later to explain why you can't actually dispose of 6 billion pounds of concrete in a plastic garbage can.  And thank you for not citing me for stealing someone else's garbage can and filling that one too. 

That really was very generous of you.  But you don't happen to have a dump truck I could borrow, do you?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sleep Deprived

I think it's safe to say that we all could use a little more sleep around here. Case in point: Soren falling asleep eating dinner. (Did I say dinner? I meant a granola bar. So yeah, dinner.) Maybe sleep isn't the only thing we need more of.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Few Good Ideas

Good Ideas
  • Eating caramel corn for breakfast
  • Buying socks for your 4 year old
  • Doing laundry
  • The white-noise app on my phone
  • Binkis
  • Spring
  • Pad Thai
  • $5 pizzas
  • Tax refunds
  • Antibiotics
  • Going on a run with the two babies while the 4 year old is at preschool
Bad Ideas
  • Deciding to pick the 4 year old up from preschool at the end of your run with a double jogger and two babies, making the 4 year old sit on the footrest, waking up the hungry baby, spilling 2 million goldfish, pushing three kids up a steep hill, getting a flat tire, making the 4 year old and 2 year old walk, texting on your phone and running over the 2 year old, and watching cars drive by and laugh.
But those $5 pizzas are seriously a good idea. Really.

Friday, March 9, 2012

A Night of Firsts

  • Jane's first time pulling herself up
  • Jane's first time pulling herself up in her high chair
  • Jane's first time falling out of her high chair
  • Jane's first time landing on her head on hardwood floor
  • Jane's first visit to Instacare (well, this week at least)
  • Jane's first concussion
So I think it was a good night of firsts. We're still waiting for the first tooth. And sleeping through the night. But it's a good start, anyway.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Today. Today we are making german pancakes. Getting syrup all over sticky hands and then all over a sticky house. We are staying in our pajamas. We are watching lots of movies. Probably with popcorn and leftover Valentine candy. Today we are reading lots of books, building lots of forts and making lots of messes. Today we are enforcing naps on everyone. We are looking at the window at the snow. And maybe sending two boys out with gloves and hats. And waving from the window. Today we are trying not to lose it when Soren pulls every book off the shelf, empties the clean laundry basket all over the floor, or leaves the bathroom sink running. Today we are eating macaroni for dinner. We are pretending the washing machine is broken and probably the dishwasher too. Today we are waiting on chairs at the window for the garbage truck to get here. We are letting snotty noses stay snotty. We are fighting over cars and trains and playing ghosts with blankets over our heads. We are not running on the treadmill. Instead we are eating another of nana's heart-shaped valentine cookie.

Today we are taking the day off. Feel free to stop by. We just might not answer the door.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I've learned a lot about boys in the past four years. They like to wear shorts year-round, they can be easily bribed by fruit snacks, and they are awesome at making gun noises and car explosions. But most importantly: They like to get hurt. And they are pretty darn good at it. I am 27 years old. I have never had a broken bone or stitches. I have stayed in the hospital overnight three times: CJ, Soren, Jane.

CJ and Soren have had black eyes, stitches, x-rays, dislocated arms, dislocated elbows, lots of hospital stays, bee stings, and lots of scrapes and bruises. Seriously? It is pretty awesome to have the pediatrician's number on my favorites list and that my voice is recognized immediately when I call. I'm sure they love me there. I'm also pretty sure there's an unmarked police car outside our house monitoring us at all times.

Oh well. We're doing the best we can over here. And if raising boys means a trip to the ER every few days, well then that's what we'll do. (But can we just lay off on the x-rays for awhile? Those things are pricey.)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Who has time to blog anymore?

I mean what with facebook, pinterest, instagram, looking for stuff to buy on ksl, eating chocolate covered raisins, sitting on the couch, waiting for the snow to melt, wiping snotty noses, changing way too many diapers, oh yeah and being a perfect wife and mother. I mean between all those things, I'm really swamped. But we're still here making messes, fighting over cars, and cleaning up sweet potato stains on white onesies.

But really we are lucky to be happy and healthy. And every once in awhile, I mean a long while, the stars align and the boys play together and Jane giggles and plays with a toy. And every once in awhile our house stays clean for longer than 10 minutes (only if the kids are asleep) and I actually have dinner made before 7 pm (that one is really rare). And Christian and I stay awake for longer than ten minutes after the kids are in bed.

So I guess we are pretty lucky. Even living in complete chaos.