Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's November

And I'm grateful for her:

All ten pounds of this refluxing, squirming, screaming, colicky baby. But she's also the best smiler, giggler, and bubble blower. She's fun to hold, cuddle, and watch chic flicks with (high school musical is her fav). She loves her brothers, likes eating fingers (mine or hers), loves bath time and diaper changes. She doesn't seem to mind loud brothers having sword fights inches from her face or when mom vacuums. But she hates long car rides and getting her nose cleaned out. And also hates it when her two year old brother tries to pick her up by the feet and hand her to me ("Here, mommy").

She is really very sweet.

Happy Four Months, Janey!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Son, The Chimney

So things have really gone downhill at this household as far as Halloween is concerned. Ok, let's face it, as far as everything is concerned. And Halloween was no exception. This year, cj had been begging to be a chimney (or a roof) all month long. Huh?

cj: Mommy, can I be a chimney for Halloween? Would that be something interesting?
me: Sure, that would be really interesting.
cj: How about a leaf? Would that be interesting?
me: Yes, that would be interesting, too.
cj: No it wouldn't. A leaf is not interesting.
me: Oh.

So at about 6:00 on Halloween night we created this masterpiece. Ok, Christian created this masterpiece. CJ had also requested that Soren be a mountain, Jane be a pumpkin and I be a window. Next year, I guess.

Here are the highlights of the night:
  • Ok, so obviously the looks on everyone's faces when they saw cj's costume.
  • Spending a stressed hour getting cj's costume ready (that he'd insisted on all month) and then having him say: "Actually, I think I want to be a train."
  • Soren being a chimney sweep and not knowing that I painted his face. We had to shield him from mirrors the entire night.
  • Jane dressing up as....a baby. Not only did I not dress her up, I didn't even get a picture of her. Third child syndrome kicking in already. Sorry Jane.
  • Christian volunteering to stay home to pass out candy to the trick or treaters. When I got home, I found an empty bowl on the front porch and Christian comfortably watching a movie in the basement. He was "protecting Jane from the cold air" he says.
  • Getting called out by a three year old when I tried to sneak his candy. And then getting called out by the two year old, too. At least Jane can't talk yet.
It was a great night. I only wish more people would have given out milk duds. I love milk duds. I mean Soren loves them.