Friday, October 28, 2011

Lucky Thursday

Yesterday, Soren found his lucky pink binki at breakfast. And besides a trip to the hospital to x-ray cj's foot and Soren shoving quarters and nickels under the piano keys, and the boys spilling milk all over the floor, it was a really lucky day.

At least cj thought so because he got to wear his "Go Aggie" costume to the dr's.

And I thought so because cj's foot wasn't broken. So like I said, it was a pretty lucky day.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Honeymoon is Over

Sorry about the radio silence but we've been oh so busy. You know because we've been in our pajamas and cleaning up spit-up and stuff. And learning that some people probably shouldn't have three kids. At least this close together. Like I said we've been busy, alright? Geesh. So since you've been wondering, like really wondering what happened to us, here you go:

Lots of swimming:

Lots of Smiling:

Lots of not smiling:

Jane and Soren will be one year apart in school. Lucky Jane.

Lots of watching the garbage truck, our Wednesday ritual:

(We don't get out much)

Jane, coping with a houseful of boys:

Blessing Day:

And lots of girl bonding:

And lots of boy bonding/fend for yourself because mom is preoccupied: