Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Meet Baby Jane

Things we like about Jane (so far)
  • she is a girl
  • she doesn't pee all over me when I change her diaper
  • she is very dramatic and particular about just about everything
  • she likes to play with cars and trucks (at least the boys seem to think so. They make a little pile of them for her to play with.)
  • she is so sweet
  • she loves listening to cj's lullabies (they go a little something like this: lullaby, lullaby, lullaby sung in a high-pitched whisper, and then repeat....for hours)
  • she doesn't mind when the boys ram their dump truck/cement truck/semi truck/fire truck into her bili-light bed
  • she loves sleeping with her momma
Like any good mom, I have taken about three tons of pictures of her with my blurry camera phone using professional equipment.

She really is so sweet. Even Soren agrees.