Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's November

And I'm grateful for her:

All ten pounds of this refluxing, squirming, screaming, colicky baby. But she's also the best smiler, giggler, and bubble blower. She's fun to hold, cuddle, and watch chic flicks with (high school musical is her fav). She loves her brothers, likes eating fingers (mine or hers), loves bath time and diaper changes. She doesn't seem to mind loud brothers having sword fights inches from her face or when mom vacuums. But she hates long car rides and getting her nose cleaned out. And also hates it when her two year old brother tries to pick her up by the feet and hand her to me ("Here, mommy").

She is really very sweet.

Happy Four Months, Janey!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Son, The Chimney

So things have really gone downhill at this household as far as Halloween is concerned. Ok, let's face it, as far as everything is concerned. And Halloween was no exception. This year, cj had been begging to be a chimney (or a roof) all month long. Huh?

cj: Mommy, can I be a chimney for Halloween? Would that be something interesting?
me: Sure, that would be really interesting.
cj: How about a leaf? Would that be interesting?
me: Yes, that would be interesting, too.
cj: No it wouldn't. A leaf is not interesting.
me: Oh.

So at about 6:00 on Halloween night we created this masterpiece. Ok, Christian created this masterpiece. CJ had also requested that Soren be a mountain, Jane be a pumpkin and I be a window. Next year, I guess.

Here are the highlights of the night:
  • Ok, so obviously the looks on everyone's faces when they saw cj's costume.
  • Spending a stressed hour getting cj's costume ready (that he'd insisted on all month) and then having him say: "Actually, I think I want to be a train."
  • Soren being a chimney sweep and not knowing that I painted his face. We had to shield him from mirrors the entire night.
  • Jane dressing up as....a baby. Not only did I not dress her up, I didn't even get a picture of her. Third child syndrome kicking in already. Sorry Jane.
  • Christian volunteering to stay home to pass out candy to the trick or treaters. When I got home, I found an empty bowl on the front porch and Christian comfortably watching a movie in the basement. He was "protecting Jane from the cold air" he says.
  • Getting called out by a three year old when I tried to sneak his candy. And then getting called out by the two year old, too. At least Jane can't talk yet.
It was a great night. I only wish more people would have given out milk duds. I love milk duds. I mean Soren loves them.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Lucky Thursday

Yesterday, Soren found his lucky pink binki at breakfast. And besides a trip to the hospital to x-ray cj's foot and Soren shoving quarters and nickels under the piano keys, and the boys spilling milk all over the floor, it was a really lucky day.

At least cj thought so because he got to wear his "Go Aggie" costume to the dr's.

And I thought so because cj's foot wasn't broken. So like I said, it was a pretty lucky day.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Honeymoon is Over

Sorry about the radio silence but we've been oh so busy. You know because we've been in our pajamas and cleaning up spit-up and stuff. And learning that some people probably shouldn't have three kids. At least this close together. Like I said we've been busy, alright? Geesh. So since you've been wondering, like really wondering what happened to us, here you go:

Lots of swimming:

Lots of Smiling:

Lots of not smiling:

Jane and Soren will be one year apart in school. Lucky Jane.

Lots of watching the garbage truck, our Wednesday ritual:

(We don't get out much)

Jane, coping with a houseful of boys:

Blessing Day:

And lots of girl bonding:

And lots of boy bonding/fend for yourself because mom is preoccupied:

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Meet Baby Jane

Things we like about Jane (so far)
  • she is a girl
  • she doesn't pee all over me when I change her diaper
  • she is very dramatic and particular about just about everything
  • she likes to play with cars and trucks (at least the boys seem to think so. They make a little pile of them for her to play with.)
  • she is so sweet
  • she loves listening to cj's lullabies (they go a little something like this: lullaby, lullaby, lullaby sung in a high-pitched whisper, and then repeat....for hours)
  • she doesn't mind when the boys ram their dump truck/cement truck/semi truck/fire truck into her bili-light bed
  • she loves sleeping with her momma
Like any good mom, I have taken about three tons of pictures of her with my blurry camera phone using professional equipment.

She really is so sweet. Even Soren agrees.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Christian just launched this new website . It's a seven generation fan chart you can create of your family. They are really cool. We have given these enlarged and framed as presents to in-laws and parents and they all loved them. I figured if I posted this to all my wide, large, growing daily readership blog then maybe I could finally get one. Right Christian? We'll talk.

By the way, you know you live in Logan, ut when your 3 year old asks you on June 22nd with not a cloud in the sky and the sun blazing down if it is going to snow today. I told him it wouldn't but I'm still not holding my breath. We are starting to get used to it being always winter and never Christmas around these parts.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our Summer, So Far

Sorry we've been gone. We've been really busy. Spending about eight + hours a day in the bathroom. Who knew potty training was a full time job? Oh, I guess everyone who has kids. We are hanging in there. CJ is having no accidents (except for five in two hours when there is a babysitter....oops) but has a hard time with the "big messy" (coined by ceej). I'll just say we spent hours in the bathroom until both of us were crying (not soren, though. He was just screaming.) It was awesome.

Then we set up a chair in the bathroom with netflix and an ipad. And I am feeling less like a crazy, hysterical maniac. Thank you Backyardigans.

Soren has been a pretty good sport through all this. His hobbies are climbing on my lap and screaming for attention, pulling the flowers out of my pots with a huge grin on his face, riding his plasma car around the cul-de-sac over and over and over and over, and folding his arms and saying "amen" repeatedly while someone (usually cj) is praying. He likes to keep his prayers short.

Other than that, tball, swimming lessons, insisting that I turn on the sprinklers (but refusing to get anywhere near the water), lots of popsicles, and bike rides, we are just waiting impatiently extremely patiently for baby sister to get here. Wish us luck.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Last Tuesday

Last Tuesday the boys played together outside all morning. First the tramp, then the slide, then basketball, the slide, the tramp in that order. Then running down the hill and races and tripping on each other, mostly on purpose and lots of giggling. CJ helped me plant the geraniums, Soren ate some dirt. The boys rode bikes and then we went inside for some hot chocolate.

A couple hours later, I took CJ to the doctor's for a consultation to get his tonsils out. Just a short appt, we thought. Two hours later, CJ was getting a CAT scan and in surgery prep to drain an infected lymph node. And what we thought was an overnight surgery quickly (or slowly) turned into a four day hospital stay complete with all the hospital luxuries like those giant mugs with a straw and little pebble ice and....well, those were about the only luxuries, I guess.

But somehow, the week that may have been the hardest in my life, was somehow also one of the best. Some things I never want to forget:
  • Visits from family and friends
  • Flowers and packages sent
  • Phone calls and text messages
  • Priesthood blessings
  • Late night milkshake deliveries
  • Reading, reading, reading to CJ in bed
  • Watching Thomas the Train over and over and over and over (ok, not really grateful for that one)
  • Spending our four year anniversary in the hospital and eating a delicious dinner of salmon, sweet potatoes, fresh green beans, watermelon and cheesecake--all made by my mother in law (yum)
  • Having my mom just happen to pop in at every meal time with something delicious
  • Watching grandparents squeeze into a tiny hospital bed to read to their grandson...and watching him smile for the first time in days
  • Laying in bed and singing lullabies or telling stories
  • CJ telling me, "I'm not sick anymore, Mommy. I don't need any more medicine. I'm all better now."
  • Knowing that Soren was giggling and happy and getting love and attention from family
  • Having CJ win over every nurse on every shift
  • Watching CJ politely scream "NO THANK YOU!!!!" every time he was poked or pricked
  • Soren coming to visit and destroying everything in the room while CJ just giggles
  • Realizing just how important my family is to me
  • Having Christian there and his support the entire time
  • Leaving the hospital with CJ still needing to be carried and cuddled and tightly clutching his blanket to running in the backyard as soon as we got home and insisting on jumping on the tramp and going down the slide

We are healthy and happy and back home. And (fingers crossed) hours away from getting CJ's stitches and PICC line out.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

For Hire

Yes, and it's about time. CJ started working his first job about a month ago--feeding the chickens while Isaac and Elise were on the beach in California getting sunburns and eating grapes straight off the vine. Oh and did I mention that it snowed here?

But anyway, someone still had to take care of the chickens. And cj did a pretty good job. Soren did alright, too. Except he still calls the chicken "doggies". Cj liked everything about the job except for finding chicken poop on rocks (he still talks about this) and gathering eggs. So that left the job to me. Have you ever walked in on a chicken laying an egg? I have about ten times now. Awkward. I swear those chicken coups need an "occupied" sign.

His favorite part? Posing for pictures with one or two hands raised and mowing the lawn. He did that free of charge. Of course the whole thing was free of charge, so that was just an extra extra, I guess.

He did such a good job that he got hired the next week by Nana. Bringing in the mail and newspapers in exchange for treats and toys from the dollar store. She paid him too well. Now every time we go to her house, he asks if he can bring in the mail and get a package.

By now, I think we are ready for an early retirement.

Unless you have a job in mind?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Still Waiting...

So you know how the trick to potty training is waiting until your kid is "ready" and then the monkey somehow potty trains himself? You've heard that before, right? Because so far I've been working really hard on the hands off approach. And it hasn't quite paid off. Yet. I'm willing to give it another 6-12 years, but it would be nice to close things up before then.

Don't get me wrong, I've done some potty-training before. Mostly nieces and dogs. I'm not going to say that either one of those was a blast. My mom said she just sent us all to Grandma's for the week and we came back magically and perfectly potty-trained.

Do I have any takers on that?


And if he came back perfectly obedient but still as funny that would be awesome. Preferably without tantrums, too.

And please don't tell me that I have to buy a little mini-potty in order to be successful because, come on, those things are gross.

And it would be great if you could also make it stop snowing. It is April, after all.

Really, anyone?


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some Things

That made me smile today:

  • Being outside
  • Being outside without boots, coats, gloves, hats, snow pants, snowshoes, etc.
  • Cj: "Mommy, do you remember when Soren spilled his cup of water and he lost his privileges? Do you remember that?"
  • Seeing an 80+ year old man wearing a long-sleeved flannel shirt and an ear flap hat playing basketball in his driveway....not making a shot or two, but doing lay-ups and drills. Because, why not?
  • Cj and I planning our practical jokes for tomorrow (don't tell Christian)
  • Taking off jackets at the park
  • Hearing Soren sing to himself in the car
  • Cj: "Mommy, do you remember when we were at Sam's Club and I played a joke on Soren?" Me: "No. What joke did you play on him?" Cj: "A red one."
  • Cj telling Soren to stop talking to him. Me telling Cj to go somewhere else if he doesn't want to listen to Soren. Cj calmly gathering up all his toys, carrying them in his shirt, and walking slowly and deliberately down the hall and into my bedroom and shutting the door. Without saying a word. Oh. Guess he was serious.
  • The sun
  • Another good forecast tomorrow

Did I mention we are ready for spring?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

He is Three.

And where is the birthday cake? Haven't got to that yet. Or ever. Really, we pulled into the garage at 10:00 the night before and I realized that I had one present and no wrapping paper. Oops.

So I pulled a Dona. I woke up early bought four thousand balloons, wrapping paper, tissue paper, last minute lame gifts, and strawberries and whipped cream (for pancakes). Got home and made a huge sign, hung streamers from the ceiling, tied balloons everywhere, and flipped a few pancakes. All before cj woke up. Awesome, right? When cj rolled out of bed and saw it all, he crumpled into a heap on the floor and started crying. A little much, I guess. Should've listened to Christian.

And he was too excited to play with the present his friend gave him the day before to a) open his presents from us or b) eat any made-from-scratch pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream that I slaved over. Oh well, Christian and I had an awesome breakfast.

What else? That night we were too busy for birthday cake--mostly because we decided to go to a movie twenty minutes after it started. And then eat at the "purple grape restaurant" (Olive Garden) where cj stared open-mouthed at the people sitting behind us the whole time (they loved that, I'm sure). And then we had to put the boys to bed before 7. So no time for cake. Isn't it great being 3?

Oh, cj's favorite part of the day? The thirty minutes we spent bundled up at the park, shown in the picture. Not sure why he's raising his arm. For some reason, he thinks that's an integral part of picture taking. Proof:

And about 300 more pictures just like this on my phone if you're interested. You are, right?


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So Far Today...

CJ's breakfast menu: "Cheerios with milk, regular milk in a cup with a lid, and a pickle." I never was able to open the pickle jar. Soren's menu: Whatever is in mom's bowl. And a cookie.

We played with cars, trains, cars, and trains again. And then the airplanes.

CJ and Soren played with cleaning chemicals from under the sink and condiments from the fridge, using them as "guys". A lot like this.

I changed three dirty diapers.

I stubbed my toe on the dump truck four times.

Soren hid my earrings twice.

I ate two cookies.

The boys demanded lunch at 10:30.

I changed my clothes four times.

We were much too busy for baths.

We took Christian lunch at his office. CJ strolled in, took off his shoes and socks, blew faces on the clean windows, and kept calling the ping pong table a foosball table. They love him there.

Soren went everywhere with a pink binki (how did we end up with a pink binki, anyway?)

CJ told me that Soren needed to give him his binki.

CJ decided that today was a perfect day for riding bikes. Soren agreed.

I decided that today was a perfect day for having pancakes for dinner.

So far, the day is looking good.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What We Talk About

I realized in the car today that I had just heard these words come out of my mouth: No, we don't use our fingers to pick our nose. We wait until we get home to get a tissue. And then we can pick our nose. With a tissue. Because if we use our fingers, that's kinda gross.

Pretty enlightening? I think I was mostly concerned that this conversation seemed completely normal to me until I thought about it. I did get an English degree, after all. My life wasn't so different then. I talked about Chaucer, William Blake, and Emily Dickinson. Today I taught my three year old how to use a tissue, made a boat out of popsicle sticks and found out that my one year old has an ear infection (again!). But who's complaining? William Blake is pretty boring, anyway.

And Cj hasn't ask me to write a 10+ page paper with annotated bibliography explaining the theory behind potty-training. At least not yet, anyway. But I'm not holding my breath.

But at least it's March. Things are looking up.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

World Record

I'm pretty sure we were going for the world record for the oldest binki-sleeping chidl. But when it's time to move on, it's time to move on. And mostly we knew it was time to move on when I was missing Soren's binki one day and looked everywhere for it and finally gave him CJ's binki in desperation and then a few hours later found Soren's binki.

Oh yeah, and I found it when I was changing Soren's diaper. And it was in the diaper. And it was a dirty diaper. A Dirty, dirty diaper (in case you were wondering). That's sort of when I knew it was time to move on.

So here's what happened:

Easy enough? I don't think I need to tell anyone that he wasn't as excited about three minutes later when it was time for bed. "Where's my binki?" Yeah, he didn't get it. And still doesn't.

Naptime and bedtime used to be so pleasant around here. I feel like I am just now entering the world of parenting. And I really only have one response to that:

help. please.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's Been Awhile

I could probably tell you all the lame reasons why I haven't been blogging lately. But don't worry, I won't.

I have been thinking a lot about the night Soren was born. My mom came over to stay with cj, who was fast asleep. I remember trying to decide if my pajamas were cute enough to wear (they weren't but I wore them anyway). And I remember pulling on my boots (on the wrong feet) and stumbling to the car. Then getting to the hospital, settling in (read: epidural) and turning on the tv. Christian turned to a show called My Three Sons. I had never seen it before and I don't really remember the show (something about some sons...probably three of them). I remember watching it and thinking it was ironic because I was about to give birth to a son. And then I remember thinking that it would be perfect if it was my third son. And then I remember thinking that it was some sort of omen.

So imagine my surprise when I went to the dr's today and found out I am going to have a girl.