Friday, December 17, 2010

Best Mom/Wife Award

Yes, I've nominated myself been nominated by tons of people for this award. Here's why:

It was Soren's birthday yesterday and Christian's today.

Oh by the way:
  • I didn't make the cakes. My friend did. I was planning on throwing together some burnt cupcakes from a box with store-bought frosting. She insisted.
  • I "wrapped" Christian's present by hiding it behind my back.
  • I sent Christian in the middle of the night (on his birthday) to get medicine for CJ.
  • I found out today at Soren's one year appt that he has pink eye and an ear infection (would explain the screaming). I thought we were there for a well-check.
So yeah, where do I pick up my award?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Overheard the other night...

Christian: Isn't mommy pretty?
CJ: No, she's not pretty.
She's not beautiful.
(long awkward pause)
She's a good mommy.

Oh, Ok. Ummm...thanks? This honesty thing is getting a little ridiculous. About four or five times a day, CJ will walk in the room all casual with his hands in his pocket, "Hey Mommy, I hit Soren." The best is when he gives ALL the details, "Mommy, I pushed Soren on the bed and hit him and he fell off the bed and then he started crying."

So the question is: When can/should I teach my child my child to lie?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

In Case I Forget Again...

To Daisy: Remember when I was probably ten and you graduated from high school and all your friends were looking at what a boy wrote in your yearbook and I wanted to see it and you told me I could read it when I was twenty? Well, I guess you were hoping I'd forget, and I almost did, but I'm ready to see it now.

To Isaac: Remember when we were walking to elementary school together and I was probably in 1st grade and you were in 5th? You told me that if I carried your backpack home, you'd pay me $2. Then when we got home, you told me you'd leave me the money in your will. Just making sure you plan on holding your end of the bargain.

And another thing, Isaac, remember all those times growing up when you teased me and I told you that someday you would regret it because I would tell the girl you wanted to marry all about it and that after I told her she wouldn't want to marry you? I forgot to do that. But in the end I'm glad because I like Elise and I'm glad she married you. But I still don't want you to forget about the $2.

That's all.