Thursday, September 30, 2010

How many times

do you think it will take for me to watch where I park the shopping cart while loading the car with groceries so that I don't look back and see my kids rolling down the parking lot at breakneck speed and have to chase after them screaming like a crazy lady while they look back at me and grin?

I'm hoping no more than two. Because that might be bad.

I swear they need parking brakes on those things.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why is Parenting so Easy?

Like today when I was really busy sitting on the couch and I told cj to take a nap. And he got his binki, closed the blinds in his room, got a chair to turn on the fan in the bathroom, closed his door, climbed into bed, pulled down the covers, moved his extra pillows and stuffed animals and was half asleep by the time Soren and I got around to checking on him.

And like the other morning when I was running on the treadmill. He woke up, walked into the kitchen, saw a pie sitting on the counter, moved a chair over, took out a spoon, and was up to his elbows in pie when Christian walked through the door and asked, "Want some pie, Da da?"

Apparently, this kid requires no supervision. None. Except for when he puts blankets and pillows over Soren's face, spills 50 pound bags of flour, plays with Christian's razors, uses markers, types on computers, eats whole packages of gum, and leaves trails of play-doh all over the house.

Yeah, but parenting is so easy. Really.