Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pure Bliss.

For three reasons, really.

1) I just got back in sweats and a sweatshirt after being in "real" clothes. I made it until lunchtime, ok.

2) We fixed our water/ice maker on our fridge after being out of order for a year. This was the real reason I bought this house, so moving here has finally paid off.

3) Just got a netflix in the mail today. It looks like Date Night has come a little early this week. Hope Christian won't mind if I stay in my sweats.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This is Kermit.

I think it's good to have family traditions for every holiday. Or at least the really big holidays like Halloween and Flag Day. Our family tradition is for Christian to get sick and for cj and me to have dinner at my in-laws. True to tradition, Christian insisted on getting the Swine Flu this year. Poor guy.

We still had fun and cj went trick or treating at one house, his cousins. One mini butterfinger was enough for that kid. I unwrapped it, handed it to him, and no exaggeration I looked back three seconds later and the candy bar was gone. Just a little bit of chocolate drool sliding down his chin and a big grin. Nice.

As expected, cj refused to wear his Kermit hat. No surprise there. I think I tricked him into wearing it for twenty seconds at one point, but without any camera footage. Oh well. Next year.