Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Seriously, The Best

When I was pregnant with cj, I watched my sister Daisy's kids for two weeks. Besides a trip to the ER and a few crying sessions in the closet, it was a great experience for me. The best part definitely was sweet little Maggie (sorry Parly, Clayre, Kate). She was 18 months and so cute. I honestly got homesick for her when we went back home. I remember Daisy telling me that it would be hard having a baby after seeing how cute a toddler is.

I hate to admit this, and I don't very often, but Daisy was right. Sure, I didn't realize it when cj was born. He was sort of cute in a newborn, helpless way. He even got cuter as time went on, and I'm sure there were a couple times around the year mark that I actually convinced myself that he was cute. But now we have finally hit the best age: 18 months. Seriously. Here's why:

  • Still slurps his milk out of his cereal bowl even though he knows what a spoon is for
  • Says, "Hi guys" when he walks into a room, "Oh shoot" when he drops something and "Ew stinky" when you smell his feet (and yes, they really do stink)
  • Knows the names of all his stuffed animals and says hi to them: Larry, Gertie, George, Fred, Alligator
  • Is old enough to go to nursery--enough said
  • Is too young to be embarrassed by his parents
  • Is too young to talk back
  • Takes a three + hour nap
  • Runs in place really all the time and says "Whoa.....fast!!!!"
  • Sings the Dora songs and wears a backpack around the house
  • Is always working on projects, useful things, like loading the dishwasher, moving everything out of the bathroom drawers, taking all the clothes out of my dresser, taking all the books off the shelves, and getting peanut butter and other sticky stuff on my white bedspread
He's been a pretty decent kid. I'm glad to have him around.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Train Rides, Caramel Apples, and Raffle Tickets

I tell you one thing, Apple Days is really starting to grow on me. Maybe because I was, to put it nicely, not asked to be part of the Cutest Baby Contest Committee this year. But something about train rides, a performance by River Heights' own Jumprope Team, and cotton candy just feels right. CJ loved the whole thing, especially eating candy from the parade for lunch and a bag of Doritos for dinner. Although he would've been content to sit in the sand volleyball pit the entire night, we forked out the big bucks for a couple of train rides and a few pushes on the park swing.

And the famous raffle tickets? We didn't fare quite as well this year, probably because we didn't buy any raffle tickets. But Isaac did great. Again. Five bucks on raffle tickets goes a long way in River Heights. He didn't win the bike this year, but he did come away with $20 to the local Bridal Boutique and a few other equally useful prizes. We're already looking forward to next year.

Here's the footage from the train ride. Excuse the annoying mom yelling in the background. I think she was near tears. She was excited, ok, it's her first kid and it's his first train ride.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Porch Sitter

This is how cj likes to spend his time outside--sitting on the porch. For the life of me, I can't get him to come out and play. He'll last about three minutes in the sun, then go back and situate himself comfortably right next to the door, just hanging out. We've had some good times on the porch this summer. I'm a little sad to see it end.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Date Night

Oh date nights, how I've missed you. I've always known that our date nights would be a little casual. When your culminating proposal date consists of getting hot chocolate twice and going for a muddy walk in below freezing temperatures, you may question what the married date nights are going to look like. On one hand, you really can only go up from there, right?

Nice try. First, in Christian's defense, I have to say that we have had some pretty good date nights. Casual? Yes. Cheap? Of course. But we had some good Hot and Readys in the park (really romantic) and Pita Pits up Green Canyon (supplemented with potato chips from my parents' cupboard). We brought cj along because, let's face it, it's easier than getting a babysitter and he's pretty funny to watch eat, anyway. I was actually feeling good about the whole thing. The dates weren't the most consistent or planned out, but we'd gotten somewhere. I had finally convinced Christian that me making dinner and us watching a movie in bed wasn't technically a date night. Yes, I felt good about that. Until last week. Last week my brother Marty took his wife on a date, an actual date. It included food, activities, and a babysitter. What's more, I think they even left the house.

We've got some real shaping up to do. It's ok. I have a plan. Tonight after I make pancakes for dinner, we are definitely going to Maverick to get frozen yogurt. And maybe even a red box, too.