Monday, August 24, 2009

Beach Sand Tastes Better

CJ enjoyed our family outing to California. And why wouldn't he? He got to play with actual toys instead of me handing him something out of the junk drawer. Whenever I didn't know where he was, which was often (come on, how does one person keep track of FIVE kids? Sorry, Em I'm not that good), I would find him drawing on the chalkboard or downstairs in Canyon's room playing legos.

But most of all, CJ loved the beach. He loved everything about it but the water.

It was tough coming back.

Monday, August 17, 2009

No Potty Training for Me, Thanks

Christian and I are watching my sister Emily's kids for the week. It's almost like a vacation: beautiful home, sweet kids, beach trips, swimming and all in Northern California. There's just one sort of messy catch. Jane, Emily's youngest, is potty trained, according to Emily. But it's Day 2 and we are on our second clean up of the messy kind and countless of the not as messy kind. I've spent about half my time here in the bathroom. I'm starting to wonder if Emily was hoping to come home to a real potty trained 2 year old--not the fake kind. I'll tell you one thing, it has sure made me appreciate diapers. I've never been so happy to change CJ's diapers, truly a joy. It's making me rethink potty training entirely. I think I'll start working on that in another few years. Do Kindergarten teachers change diapers? First grade? Just wondering.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Advantages of Losing Your Cell Phone

  • No pesky alarm to wake me up
  • I can sit easy at church or the movies when a cell phone starts ringing. In fact, I can even give a, "Can you believe these people?" look.
  • Finally an excuse for not returning phone calls or text messages (you reading this Heather?)
  • Yet another thing I borrow from my parents multiple times a day--their home phone (weird that they started locking their doors)
  • Drastic drop in our cell phone bill
  • Using a pay phone. Yes, they still exist. They may be a little less sanitary and a little more pricey but a nice temporary substitute.
  • My son no longer holds everything to his ear and says, "Hi"
It has been so nice being stranded all day, and I know Christian has really enjoyed being my personal secretary. Too bad I can't pay him. Honestly, I don't know how I survived with a cell phone. It's a new trend. Try it. Now living without a computer, that I wouldn't dare try.