Monday, May 19, 2008

Man's Best Friend

I think most people say they married their best friend, which is mostly true for Christian and me. He is definitely my best friend, and I'm not really sure he has other friends, so it's me by default. The only problem is that while I'm Christian's favorite living, breathing friend, I am not at the top of his list of favorite things. Up until a few days ago, I was a comfortable third. I squeezed in just under 1) computer and 2) iPhone. I wasn't complaining. I like the sound of Top Three. There's nothing wrong with that. And then Friday came. And with it came a new Top Three. In fact, I think this may have inched itself straight to number one: a Garmin watch.

When Christian isn't wearing "The Garmin", he is cradling it by his bed. Every conversation now begins with, "Did you know that the Garmin..." First thing he did this morning was take The Garmin to the window so it could calibrate our elevation (weird...same as last night). He also gets excited when people notice his new toy (so far, just one person. A ten year old in our primary class. Oh, and our three year old niece Noelle who said "This thing is driving me bonkers!" I hear you, Noelle).

Since today is our anniversary, I'd like to at least reclaim my number three spot again. Ambitious sounding? Don't worry, I won't try to knock out the Garmin. But he has had his iPhone for almost six months now. I think it's about time it took a turn in the number 4 spot for a change.

Any suggestions?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday was the best Mother's Day I've had in a long time. CJ gave me the most wonderful present a newborn can give--sleep. He also rolled over yesterday and again today. Seriously, that kid is amazing. He's only eight weeks old. Now he just needs to learn how to take naps and pay for his college education.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Cj, Bob, and Me

My parents lovingly gave us a Bob Jogger this week, and CJ and I were anxious to take him out for a spin. Today was our first morning home, so I got CJ ready for the cold weather. He didn't want to change out of his pajamas (it had nothing to do with my laziness), so I just put some sweats on underneath and a jacket on him. I think he looked pretty good.

We got all settled in the jogger (quite a process figuring it out for the first time) just as the rain started falling. Darn. We were so disappointed that I gave CJ a ride all through our house instead. Well, actually just in the kitchen because Bob wouldn't fit past our kitchen table.

So far no flat tires or broken bones. We have no complaints. Thanks Nana and Papa.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Rare Sighting

CJ is what we lovingly call a "touchy" baby. Everything has to be just right for him. He absolutely cannot sleep without having his whole body straightjacketed together into a nice bundle. Sometimes he will wake me up in the middle of the night screaming. I will find him in his cradle with one little hand poking out of his blanket. Once I tuck him back in, he's fine. Good thing the nurses at the hospital gave us a good swaddling course. So this picture truly is a rare sighting; he is actually sleeping with his arm poking out. It didn't last long. I just caught him at the perfect moment.