Monday, March 31, 2008

Simply Brilliant

Ever since I read Little Tom Thumb to CJ, he loves pulling pranks. He's gotten really good at them. I think his best day so far was Friday. He peed all over four diapers, our couch, the changing pad, his clothes and socks, my pants, himself, the carpet, and me. All in five minutes time. How did he know I was in a hurry?

For CJ this prank never gets old (peeing while I change his diaper). He also likes to do it in the middle of the night, and he likes to poop when I take his diaper off. He's pretty funny. He pretends to be helpless, but I've caught him smirking a couple of times when I've reached for the third clean diaper in a single changing.

I just can't wait until tomorrow to see what April Fool's pranks he'll try this year. I'm going to try to talk him into fooling his dad this time. Maybe we can team up together.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Naps

He can breathe. I promise.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

He's Here!

Christian Jacob West
Tuesday, March 18th
6 pounds, 11 ounces
20 inches

He's beautiful. We love our little swiss chard.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Can You Blame Him?

No wonder he doesn't want to come early. He'd be crazy to leave his comfortable, cozy home for this:

Maybe he was hoping for something more like this:

or this:

or this:

He may be waiting a long time.

Friday, March 7, 2008

As if I didn't talk about myself enough...

You know the drill. I've been tagged. The question is, if you've already been tagged once, do you have to do it again? I'm not really sure on the rules, but I don't want to take any chances because otherwise I might have bad luck for seventeen years or something like that. Definitely not worth the risk. So Heather tagged me, and I think I'm just supposed to write eight things about myself. Piece of cake.

1. I really like the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang--mostly for the songs. When we watched it the other night, I "jokingly" tried to talk Christian into watching the sing-along version (comes on the DVD). I didn't force it since he was nice enough to allow me to watch it while he worked, but I still tried to sing along to every song.

2. I don't like to wash dishes (especially ones from the previous day/days).

3. I like to listen to NPR (don't tell my dad).

4. I like to bake: bread, cakes, cookies, cinnamon rolls. I would love to have a bakery some day.

5. I love Little Caesar's "Hot 'N Ready" Pizzas.

6. My friend's husband eats his cereal in the shower. That's not really about me, I know, but I thought it was really weird and probably the most interesting thing about me...the fact that I know someone who does something interesting/weird.

7. I like to read.

8. I used to listen to music a lot more than I do now.

Monday, March 3, 2008

What Exactly is a Swiss Chard?

We went to the doctor's about a week ago and had another ultra sound. If I thought those bumps and discolorations were hard to identify when I was 24 weeks, then they were even harder now. I thought since the baby was bigger that I would be able to see the little guy--maybe with a grin on his face hanging out or reading a book or something. Instead all I saw was gray lines that the doctor insisted were these things called "organs" and "body parts". It sort of all looked like mashed potatoes to me. The cool thing is that they can actually tell you how much your baby weighs. Right now our baby is tipping the scales at almost six pounds (5 pounds, 11 ounces). That's our little tank.

It sounded like a lot then. But later that week, I went to visit a friend who had just had her baby a week before. Her baby, Eden, was so cute. She looked a little bit like a baby, I think. It took me a minute to realize that Eden (5 pounds, 2 ounces) weighs less than my baby. So what's he doing still inside? Mooching, I guess. I'll let him hang around for the next few weeks. It's only fair, I guess, that I give him until his due date. Lately, I've been trying to trick him into thinking his due date is on the 17th instead of the 25th. I find ways to talk about it loudly around him. We'll see if it works.

Probably the most frustrating thing of all is that baby center still insists on comparing the baby to a vegetable. This week it was a swiss chard. I guess they think they can get away with it because no one really knows what swiss chard is, but I think it's getting just a little bit out of hand.